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Our Services

Our team is dedicated to providing innovative solutions tailored to your specific needs. From streamlining operations and boosting efficiency to maximizing data accuracy and quality, our ArcGIS services empower GIS managers to make informed decisions and drive success. Experience seamless integration with your existing ecosystem and unlock the transformative potential of location intelligence with our advanced spatial analysis capabilities. Trust Equinox Geospatial, LLC as your reliable partner for comprehensive GIS services that elevate your organization to new heights.

 ArcGIS Enterprise Implementation and Support

Our Specialties:

- ArcGIS Enterprise

- ArcGIS Online

- Image Server

- GeoEvent Server

Our team provides expert installation, support, and monitoring of ArcGIS Enterprise, including Image Server, GeoEvent Server, and other extensions. Our experienced team can help you get the most out of your ArcGIS investment and ensure your system is secure and up-to-date.

Survey 123 and Field Maps

Our Specialties:

- Survey 123

- Field Maps

- Make (Formerly Integromat)

Survey 123 and Field Maps are essential tools for GIS professionals. Survey 123 is a mobile data collection app that simplifies data collection in the field with its form-centric approach. Field Maps, on the other hand, provides a map-centric interface for inspecting, analyzing, and sharing GIS data. With Survey 123, users can create custom reports using automated workflows developed with MAKE and Power Automate. By leveraging the power of Survey 123 and Field Maps, GIS professionals can seamlessly create, collect, and analyze data in the field, optimizing workflows and enhancing overall efficiency.

Mapping and custom GIS application development

Our Specialties:

- ArcGIS API for JavaScript

- Experience Builder

- Web Application Builder

- Operations Dashboard

Our developers utilize ESRI's Web Application Builder, Experience Builder, and Operations Dashboard to craft robust web mapping applications. These applications feature custom workflows and embedded analytics to meet your unique needs. Additionally, our skilled developers are capable of creating fully customized web mapping applications from scratch using the ESRI JavaScript API.

What Our Clients Say


Chris Ridgeway

"Working with Equinox has been a great experience. Impressed with the service and knowledge. They have always been quick to respond and deliver consistent and accurate results. "
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