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Award Winning GIS Consultants

Equinox Geospatial, LLC is a GIS consulting and services company that provides a diverse set of geospatial services to various clients across the world.  We excel in providing design, development, and implementation of GIS services in multiple markets for both web and mobile tools. As an ESRI Bronze and System Ready Business Partner, we have proven a track record of first-class customer service and dependable results.  Equinox Geospatial, LLC has won awards at the ESRI Partner Conference and ESRI IMGIS Conference.  We currently support multiple clients in the Renewables, Mining, AEC, Oil and Gas, Environmental, Space, and Local Government markets.


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ESRI Software Implementation

Equinox Geospatial, LLC specializes in the implementation and consulting of the entire ESRI product suite.  Equinox Geospatial, LLC also provides ESRI software product implementations, implementation design, support, consulting, and troubleshooting.   As an ESRI System Ready Business Partner, Equinox Geospatial, LLC thoroughly understands the ESRI Enterprise Environment.  


  1. ArcGIS Enterprise

  2. GeoEvent Server

  3. Image Server

  4. ArcGIS Online

Equinox Geospatial, LLC Bronze Managed Service Package

  • Install of ArcGIS Enterprise on single server or single virtual machine (AWS, Azure, GCP, or Internal Servers).

  • Weekly ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Server log reporting sent via email.

  • Weekly Server Storage reporting sent via email.

  • Custom ArcGIS Portal Backups.

  • Server Maintenance and Monitoring

  • 10 Hours of support per month for server maintenance, patch updates and monitoring.

  • Weekend Support


Install of ArcGIS Enterprise - $2,500

Monthly Monitoring - $1,000

Web Mapping and Custom Application Development

Equinox Geospatial, LLC specializes in creating web mapping applications and providing as needed application development services using ESRI technology.  Equinox Geospatial, LLC works closely with clients to plan and deliver web mapping applications tailored  to the client's goals and business needs.  We develop templates (Web Application Builder, Operations Dashboard, and others) or custom web mapping applications primarily with Web Application Builder and the ESRI JavaScript API.


  1.  ArcGIS API for JavaScript

  2.  Experience Builder

  3. Web App Builder

  4. Operations Dashboards

  5. Python

Survey 123 and ArcGIS Field Maps Design and Implementation

Equinox Geospatial, LLC specializes in mobile GIS Data Collection and Design. Equinox Geospatial, LLC works closely with clients to help them develop and deploy mobile applications using ArcGIS Collector and Survey 123.  Equinox Geosptial, LLC also develops custom reports using Survey 123.


  1. ArcGIS Field Maps

  2. Survey 123

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